Do you like tulips? Well, you will not believe how easy it is to cultivate them at home.


Even so, these people would give anything to be able to grow flowers or some other plant in the house. If that is your case you do not have to continue suffering because of this. There are many plants that you can grow inside the home without the need of soil.

That is the case with tulip bulbs. These beautiful flowers can be grown perfectly in water, without the need to add soil. For this reason, many are using it to decorate their home, their office and many other sites. If you would like to take advantage of them too, pay attention to the instructions on how to do it.
Grow tulip bulbs in water

Growing this beautiful flower in water is extremely easy. Best of all, with this technique, we will not have the need to get dirty. Therefore, our home will remain clean, just like our hands. In addition, these plants will give a touch of elegance and distinction to the place we decorate with them.

The first step is to get the tulip bulbs that have rooted roots. No matter what kind of tulip you choose, the process will be the same for everyone. Also, you can use the seeds of already germinated tulips for this process.

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Then we will choose a tall glass, bowl or any other container of our preference. In it we will place the colored canines or beads and the bulbs on top of them. We can put several, although we must be balanced in the amount that we put in a container

If we put many bulbs of tulips in 1 single container, they will end up drowning, because they need space. After storing the bulbs, we will add some clean water in the container, until the roots touch it.

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In this simple way, you can grow tulip bulbs in your own home without any effort. The best thing is that you can place them anywhere without using ground. This will keep the area clean.

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